Il programma della Trieste Joyce School

Eleventh Annual Trieste Joyce School

Provisional Programme  1-7 July 2007

All events will be held in the Auditorium of the Museo Revoltella on via Diaz unless otherwise stated


Sunday 1 July

18.00 Opening Ceremony

19.00 Reception hosted by His Excellency, Sean O’Huiginn, Irish Ambassador to Italy


Monday 2 July

9.30: Fritz Senn: Paradox Lust: One Way of Positioning Joyce

10.30: Sabrina d’Alessandro: Subject and Reference in Joyce’s Representations of the Self

11.30: Coffee Break

12.00: John McCourt: Joyce’s other empire: Reflections on “Old Auster and Hungrig”

18.00: Dinner at the Osmiza Milic.


Tuesday 3 July

9.30: Lia Guerra:  Joyce’s “book of disquietude”. Giacomo Joyce

11.00: Coffee Break

11.30: Jed Deppman: “It may not or maybe a no concern”: the problem of Genesis in the Texts of Joyce

20.00: An evening with biographer and author Brenda Maddox


Wednesday 4 July

9.30: Anthony Downey: Doubling All the Time: Dubliners and the Politics of Mimicry

10.30: Laura Pelaschiar: Gothic Joyce

11.30: Coffee Break

12.00: Terence Killeen: Finnegans Wake: The Rise and Fall of Earwicker

16.30: Walking Tour of Joyce’s Trieste.

20.30: An evening of Music and Song at the Osteria Da Marino (Via Del Ponte, 5).


Thursday 5 July

9.30: Tim Martin: Opera as Ulysses’ “Other”

10.45: Marissa Aixas: A phenomenological approach to translating ‘Mutt and Jute’ into Catalan.

11.30: Coffee Break

12.00: Patrick O’Neill: Ptranslating Ptarmigans: Transtextual Joyce

20.30: Ireland at the Bar – 100 years on. A debate on Ireland and Joyce today and yesterday


Friday 6 July

9.30: David Spurr:  Architecture in Ulysses

10.30: Katarzyna Bazarnik: Joyce, liberature and writing of the book
11.30: Coffee Break

12.00: Jean-Michel Rabaté: The Joyce-Proust parallax, or how to read Ulysses with La Recherche, and conversely

18.00: Showing of Massimiliano Cocozza’s film Pennilesse, Joyce l’odissea Triestina


Saturday 7 July

9.30: John Bishop: Child’s Play: A  Finnegans Wake Primer

11.00: Coffee Break

11.30: Adrian Hardiman: The Trial of Ulysses, 1933

Farewell dinner at the Ristorante Mascalzone Latino (Via Di Cavana, 12).


The Trieste Joyce School wishes to thank its generous sponsors:

The Ripartizione Promozione of the University of Trieste; The Fondazione CRTrieste; Promotrieste; The Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia/Assessorato al Turismo; The Comune di Trieste/Assessorato alla Cultura; The Cultural Relations Committee/Irish Ministry for Arts, Sport and Tourism;  The Irish Embassy in Italy; The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs; The Hotel Colombia



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