The 2008 Trieste Joyce School

The 2008 Trieste Joyce School will be held from Sunday 29 June to Saturday 5 July.

"I cannot begin to give you the flavour of the old Austrian Empire. It was a ramshackle affair but it was charming, gay, and I experienced more kindnesses in Trieste than ever before or since in my life."

The twelfth edition of the Trieste Joyce School will take place from 29 June to 5 July 2008. Following the tradition established in previous years, this year’s school offers both seasoned Joyceans and newcomers the opportunity to read Joyce in the city which was his home for over ten years. The School, which takes place at the Museo d’arte Moderna Revoltella and at the University of Trieste, draws inspiration from Trieste itself – its history, its culture, its architecture, its institutions – and leaves participants with a sense of the impact on Joyce’s writing of the city he called his “second country". The School was founded in 1997 by Renzo S. Crivelli and John McCourt who continue to run it today.



Trieste Joyce School
Dipartimento di Letterature Straniere, Comparatistica e Studi Culturali
Università di Trieste
Androna Campo Marzio, 10
34123 Trieste

E-mail: John McCourt

Fax: +39 040 5584382




The school opens on the evening of Sunday 29 June in the auditorium of the Galleria d’Arte moderna "Revoltella" and concludes with a farewell dinner the following Saturday evening.

The morning lectures will see a selection of the world’s finest literary scholars address various aspects of Joyce’s life and works through a wide range of critical approaches. These lectures are accompanied by week-long afternoon seminars which take place after lunch on Ulysses (Fritz Senn), Dubliners (Vike Plock), Finnegans Wake (Tim Conley), and Contemporary Irish poetry (Ron Ewart). A special Genetic Joyce seminar will be held each afternoon and run by Sam Slote and Patrick MacCarthy.

These years special guest will be the acclaimed novelist and recent winner of the Booker Prize Anne Enright who will do a Q&A and read from her own work. A full academic schedule will be posted later.

A walking tour of Joyce’s Trieste is also arranged as well as a visit to the Trieste Joyce Museum and a trip to an Osmiza in the Triestine Carso. Fran O’Rourke give an illustrated evening talk/performance on Joyce’s use of Irish song. There will also be time for an afternoon on the beach to enjoy what Joyce called “that damn silly sun that turns men into butter”!



Twelfth Annual Trieste Joyce School

Provisional Programme

29 June-5 July 2008

All events will be held in the Auditorium of the Galleria d’arte moderna ‘Revoltella’ on via Diaz unless otherwise stated


Sunday 29 June

18.00 Opening Ceremony at the Auditorium of the Galleria d’arte moderna ‘Revoltella’

19.00 Reception hosted by His Excellency, Sean O’Huiginn, Irish Ambassador to Italy


Monday 30 June

9.30:   Brian Cosgrove: ‘Reading “The Dead”: Irony Versus Sentiment’

11.00: Coffee Break

11.30: John McCourt: ‘The use and abuse of Joyce in Ireland’

14.30: Seminars

16.30: Genetic Joyce Seminar

17.30: Walking Tour of Joyce’s Trieste (John McCourt)


Tuesday 1 July

9.30:   Derval Tubridy: “‘Tripping in his Wake, I’m wracked”’: writing poetry after Joyce’

10.30: Clare Hutton: ‘New perspectives on Dubliners’

11.30: Coffee Break

12.00: Fritz Senn: ‘Joyce’s Off-stageness’

14.30: Seminars

16.30: Genetic Joyce Seminar

20.00: An Evening of Music and Song at the Osteria ‘Da Marino’


Wednesday  2 July

9.30:   Dieter Fuchs: ‘“Portals of discovery”: Unknown Sources for the Rewriting of the Odysseus-Archetype in James Joyce’s Ulysses

10.30: Enrico Terrinoni: "Comedy, and what went unsaid in Ulysses"

11.30: Coffee Break

12.00: Vike Plock: ‘On the Hands Down’: Eugen Sandow and Physical Culture  in ‘Ithaca’

14.30: Seminars

16.30: Genetic Joyce Seminar

Free evening


Thursday 3 July

9.30:   Claudia Corti: ‘James Joyce and dramatic art’

10.30: Patrick McCarthy: ‘Ulysses: Book of Many Errors’

11.30: Coffee Break

12.00: Q&A with Anne Enright

14.30: Seminars

16.30: Genetic Joyce Seminar

20.30: An evening of Readings with Tim Conley and Booker prize winning Irish author Anne Enright


Friday 4 July

9.30:   Finn Fordham: ‘Joyce and the Novel and the People’

11.00: Coffee Break

11.30: Fran O’Rourke: ‘Aquinas and Joyce’s Pola Esthetic’

14.30: Seminars

16.30: Genetic Joyce Seminar

20.00: ‘Joyce’s use of Irish song’ – a talk/performance by Fran O’Rourke


Saturday 5 July

9.30:   Sam Slote: ‘Flying by the Nets of Joyce Criticism’

10.30: Valerie Benejam: ‘Joyce’s Novel Theatre’

11.30: Coffee Break

12.00: Tim Conley: ‘The Missing and the Presumably Dead’

Free afternoon

19.30: Farewell dinner at the Osmiza Milic  (Coach leaving outside Revoltella at 6.45)



Seminars are held from 14.30 to 16.00 each afternoon except Wednesday at the University.

Dubliners: Vike Plock

Ulysses: Fritz Senn

Finnegans Wake: Tim Conley

Contemporary Irish poetry: Ron Ewart


Participants are expected to register to take part in one of these seminars for the duration of the week. Please email your first and second choices to as soon as possible.


A special seminar on Joyce and Genetic Studies will be held each afternoon at 4.30. The seminar will be jointly led by Patrick McCarthy and Sam Slote.

Those wishing to take part in this seminar (numbers are limited) should email as soon as possible.




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